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Eric Schlifelner, having always been a keen motorbike enthusiast, began his motor mechanic apprenticeship with Stillwell Ford back in 1984. In 1987, Bib Stillwell assigned Eric the role of restoring his historic Brabham BT31 raced by the legendary Sir Jack Brabham. Having experienced the requirement for attention to detail and the challenge for successful results, Eric decided that motor racing was to be his chosen career path. In early 1988, Eric ran a private Group A Touring as the sole employee until late 1988, when he was then recruited by Fred Gibson and the Nissan Motor Sport Team for the Group A Touring cars. At this time, the Nissan Skyline DR30 was driven by George Fury and Glenn Seton. Soon after the Nissan Skyline HR31 was introduced. In 1989, Seton left the team to be replaced by Jim Richards and Eric was promoted to Manager of the Engine Department at Gibson Motorsport. In 1990, Mark Skaife replaced George Fury when he departed, and Gibson Motorsport went on to debut the all conquering 4WD, twin turbocharged Nissan Skyline GTR - Godzilla. With Eric at the helm of managing the Engine Department, the team at Gibson Motorsport dominated the Touring Car circuit.

In 1993, Australian Touring Car racing moved to the 5.0 litre V8 Supercars, which saw the Gibson Motorsport Team electing to run a Holden VP Commodore. With the outlawing of cigarette sponsorship and the loss of Winfield Racing as title sponsor in 1995, Eric decided to start his own business, Eric Engineering.

The results achieved by the Gibson Motorsport Team were to hold Eric in good stead for the future including

  • 1992 & 1993 WINNERS - Australian Manufacturers Champhionship for Touring Cars

  • 1989 WINNERS - Sandown 500

  • 1987 WINNERS - Australian 2.0 Litre Touring Car Championship

  • 1990, 1991 & 1992 WINNERS - Australian Touring Car Championship Group A

  • 1991 & 1992 WINNERS Bathurst 1000

With Eric having been titled the "Guru" of the Nissan Skyline GTR, Eric Engineering was predominantly involved in the  tuning and racing of the R32, up to the R34, including the  R34 GTR V spec N1. Preparing cars for Targa, and other forms of motorsport. The success of the business saw the requirement for expansion, including more staff and a new premises. It was during this time that Eric Engineering was purchased by Hypertech Autosports with Eric undertaking the role of workshop manager. After 3 years as manager and having an interest in Off Road Racing, Eric developed the company Eric's Motorsport Service in 2005, which continues to provide specialised winning service.

Off Road Racing has provided some fantastic results for Eric and his customers. Highlights include winning the 2017 and 2019 Victorian Outright Off Road Championship, in Saber race cars, designed and built by Eric's Motorsport Service.

Sir Jack Brabhams BT31 purchased by Bib Stillwell in 1987

"Nothing better epitomises the degree of technological challenge than starting with a raw body shell and turning it into a powerhouse racing machine bristling with engineering innovation"

"The team is aware that technology never stands still"

Courtesy of Fred Gibson - Gibson Motorsport
1991 Winning Team
VP Holden
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George Nitis R33
Peter Moore R34 N1
R34 N1
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